The Backroom’s

We all must have heard of the backrooms by now because the name has gone around for some time. But do you know what it is? Well, the Backrooms is an urban legend and also a creepypasta, it is an endless maze of randomly generated rooms and the most common one is the office.

But to research, it is not a real place but it is in games, if you don’t know what noclip is, it’s when your glitch through the walls or your environment and either die or fall into a random room. You can even say the backrooms, and there is also a game on it as well developed by Pie On A Plate. There are about 999 levels of the backroom, knowing that you’d be there for a long time. And you surely do not want to be there unless you do.

Level: 0

Each level has its different kind of environment and entities. Which makes them all unique and some of them will be easier to escape than others.  One of the safe places you will find is on level 9 with a four-meter lamppost with a yellow sign saying “Safe place” to let visitors know you are safe here.

Level: 9

But in other levels like Level !: Run for your life, is classified as level 5 which means unsafe unsecured, and entity infestation. In this hospital-like room, red flashing lights with existing signs makes the scene one of the scariest levels to be in even when entities are chasing you at full speed.

Level:! (Run for your life)

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