The Top 3 Best School Supplies

You may ask one day if you are a school supplies lover, What’s the best type of supplies. I will talk to you about that right now, if you had a choice between a few things the best supplies you need is a… 

Pencil. A pencil is the number one thing you need in a pencil case. A pencil is the number one thing you need for anything except for signing or signature. a signature would be best if you use a blue pen as its not erasable. a pencil is used the most for studying for most people study would help if you had a pencil. It does not matter what kind of pencil as long as it’s erasable. it would be for the best as people or businesses can make these type of pencils look at least. cuter plus people sometimes can make mechanical cute pencils as like these.

Pens. Pens are a type of highlight in your writing to me. They would be perfect if your writing something that does not want to be erased or erasable, even tho there is such a thing as erasable pens they are not to easy to find. But some places you may find I have some of my own and i have located them at Walmart. You could find some at Amazon probably. Pens are supposably to not be erasable because the ink can be stainable and will not come off In just a wipe. you would have to wash your hands until it comes off.

Notebook. Notebooks are a necessity for school and jobs. Paper or as a note book would be a necessity for a lot of things. as in paper drawings or origami. in paper folding and more it would a awesome thing you would need as because people do a lot of writing in school or essays, essays can be written on computer but also still has to be printed out on paper. ( if have to) but you would need some things like that. There is also a reusable notebook as if you can take out a paper and put it back in. you can buy papers only for a short amount of money.

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