Hello! My name is Kaylani and I am just like all of you! I’m just a girl trying to do her best as she goes through the crazy ups and downs of life. I am just a normal teenager that tries her best to be on time to school, although that battle may not be won every time. It always feels like everyone is staring at me when I walk into class late, even though I know that no one actually cares. I have hopes and dreams just like you, and I have relationship problems just like everyone else, even though I wish that wasn’t true. I grew up wanting to not only be a complete master on any computer, you know like those people in movies that type for five seconds and then say “i’m in”? Yeah I wanted to be one of those people. I also wanted to play guitar in a band that had thousands of fans lined up to see us. They would pack into a stadium that would be filled to the brim and they would know every line to every song. I also thought about playing the keyboard in a band, I guess I just liked the idea of music. I liked music more than most from a very young age, so I wanted to create it anyway that I could. So that’s a little bit about the girl behind the game, Kaylani! Now you know that I’m nothing special and that anyone can chase their dreams and maybe even be a part of a game one day.

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