3 Popular Flowers

Not many people think about flowers until they see them or have an idea that includes flowers. I’m sure you have heard of these flowers since they are mostly known worldwide. These are the three most popular flowers; maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t know before.

Beginning the list, we have the Rose now; although this is a common flower, it’s known for its beautiful shade of red and thorns that grow on the flower stem, making it a bit of a danger. But besides that, it is gorgeous to see in any garden or flower patch. Many people associate roses with the language of love, along with valentines day, which is why you may see them a lot during that time or session.

Second, on the list is the Gerbera Daisy or a Daisy. They are almost similar to each other. The only thing that makes them different is the colors. Their color is what makes them pop out from the rest of the group of flowers. They can also come in many colors like red, orange, yellow, white, and sometimes even mixed. These flowers can also attract bees and butterflies; almost like sunflowers, they turn towards the sun.

Lastly, we have the Tulip. Tulips have a unique shape to them as well. They can come in many colors too! And come around mainly in the springtime, which is why they are primarily associated with the session of spring. But not only that, there are many kinds of tulips in the world, about 3,5k, which are many different types.

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