Crazy places to visit

You might want to visit places, but where do I go? I will give you three crazy but fun places to visit. There are plenty of places to visit, some other as so many incredible places, but I found some of the most confusing places that I might have ever seen, but I will suggest some that are wild, at least to me.

The Upside down House, The upside house is a very comfortable but a confusing home. You can find these somewhere. Walk on the roof? Sure! Clean and dust the ceiling? Sure! But not broom and mop the floor? Correct! But I would suggest these are crazy fun to look at.

white and black stripe textile

Museum of illusions. You can find it in new york, and seems to be only 35 locations you can find the Museum of illusions. The average time to stay there is at least 45-and an hour there.


The Mystery spot. This site is a 4 out of 5 rating with a good percentage. You will instantly be confused as you see the rules of ordinary things like gravity have become questionable. This mystery spot has brought a lot of attention and tourists to this site, and can you believe Christopher smith, made it in 1939? Whether or not you have just read this so, now you know. This is a very calm but crazy fun place.

But the most remarkable thing is you can find illusions on your phone or device you have around! The most noteworthy thing is that you can even make your optical illusions.

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