Back-to-School Shopping

Going back to school might not be so fun for most people, but it would be the most exciting thing yet for some! These are some of the things I think you would most definitely need for back to school.

Maybe your new classroom might have some pencils to spare, but it’s always good to have some on you just in case one gets damaged or if your classroom is out of spare pencils. So, it’s good to get at least 3 to 4 pencils to keep in your backpack, if not your pencil case!

Notebooks, I’m sure some schools give out a list of the stuff you must have when you start a new school year; notebooks should be one of those things on the list. After all, you must write your school topics somewhere. So, get one for every subject if you can, or split the notebook into two cases, maybe one for math and one for English!

Highlighters, I think getting another color than just a yellow highlighter makes your text more interesting and colorful. But color coding the important stuff on your paragraph or even a story makes things much easier to see and find where a specific text was.

Lastly, a binder and binders are handy during the school year and can help with lost papers or homework, keeping them safe until you get home. You can also put dividers into separate documents from different classes like English, math, and more, making your papers organized!

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