Gate Summercamp

Summer Camp 2022

I have always been looking forward to summer break, but it’s always dull. So my dad decided to put me in GATE summer camp! Which stands for Gifted and Talented. And it was at the school I go to. So I met new people there because only one person in my class goes to the same school as me.

So the first day, my dad embarrassed me and made me a little worried. But it was OK cause I made a friend in the 2nd week, but that’s OK. I already know the whole School grounds and my surroundings, but I did find some people I know, well I mean only three people, but still, it’s a lot to me. I still can’t believe I made an actual friend!

I mean, it’s not surprising, but I made three friends during summer camp, but they aren’t going there. So I have to say goodbye to all of them at the end, but that’s fine as long as I have my other friends, I’m fine. But sometimes, I can’t wait to go to school anymore longer. I forgot to say goodbye to my friends except for one.

I mean, it’s not surprising, but I made three friends during summer camp, but All their names are Anaya Ariya Addison. I am very excited to go back to school, but I LOVE back-to-school shopping were probably not going to, but it’s my favorite thing. But back to the subject, Summercamp was fun, but I liked summer camp but going to a specific summer camp makes me feel so special to be there at a center for the gifted and talented. So the base would maybe feel a little over 8.

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