Candy for the Holidays.

multicolored candy worms

Candy for the Holidays, Candy is a dessert to eat after a meal. It has a lot of sugar, followed by some corn syrup. It has a lot of effects on children when they eat something sugary or sweet. There are different Candy for Holidays like Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas. All of these have unique desserts to eat.

assorted cookies

Easter is a holiday for eggs, chocolate bunnies, and joy. The Easter bunny will hide some eggs around your house or backyard to play or find the eggs around the area. The Candy is little eggs or different kinds, but it depends on what you want your cousin or kids to see around your backyard.

white and red heart candies

Valentine’s day is a memorable holiday for the love and your heart. You will be the one you love. On this holiday, you give your lover a chocolate heart box for them to resemble love.

orange string lights

Halloween is a spooky holiday to trick or treat. You knock or ring the doorbell to ask for a treat and say, “trick or treat,” and they will give you the pleasure of eating a piece of Candy. But you go in costume to show you are celebrating a holiday.

Ginger Bread lot

And Christmas is my favorite month to celebrate. I like Christmas because it has delicious food and presents to unbox, which is so fun. But before we open presents, we all get to help decorate the tree for a holiday and play board games. Christmas is a holiday to celebrate with family.

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