Hamburgers Or Pizza?

These are both two different things hamburgers and made out of something else and Pizza is also made out of something else. They each have there specialty there and there but these are not the same but there also very delicious and great maybe awesome. If you had to choose, which one would you prefer after all?

Hamburgers, hamburgers are made out of beef and bread, cheese burgers are made out of cheese, meet and bread. Most fast food places have processed food. You can find it at McDonald’s, Burger King and more to count off. Hamburgers are an American dish. Hamburgers have different kind all type of things lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and cheese. There is also sides like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. McDonald’s hamburgers have been on a leader board for the best foods and sold 40,413 in 2019. But hamburgers also turn out to be healthy for you, it’s a good source if protein and iron. Which would you decide.

Pizza, Pizza is an Italian dish made with pizza dough, cheese and tomato sauce.I’ll name some pizza places for you Pizza hut, dominos, round table and so many more. In 2021 there were 75,117 pizza places in the US! in the us the mushroom and pepperoni pie was  top of them all. late 19th century pizza has been invented by Gennaro Lombard in America. some special places for pizzas add a little seasoning and herbs. Which one would you still prefer Pizza or Hamburgers.

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